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Veterans Appreciation

Please help us provide assistance for the 7000 Veterans in Hood Couunty. There are times vets need a break that cannot be provided by the VA or any other agency. This is where Mission Granbury steps up.  They have provided everything from monetary assistance to having a starter installed for a vet in need.  These are guys that stepped up for their country and now some, by no fault of their own, need a helping hand without the Government red tape.

We feel that by putting a Huey on display for all to see, hear and touch it will be cathartic for the Vets and families.  It’s a great icon of the Viet Nam war and draws crowds wherever they are on display.  This one will fly in and land at the courthouse square in Hood County.  The publicity alone should draw an even larger crowd than our yearly car show.  This should help our silent auction and donations throughout the day.

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